Interview with Claudia Garbrecht – Exploring how psychologists can improve holistic cardiovascular care in Europe

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We recently spoke with Claudia Garbrecht, a psychologist and fitness trainer from Germany, regarding her thoughts on how improving mental health can support heart health and help drive a more holistic approach to cardiovascular care.

We asked Claudia four questions:

  1. What are the most significant ways for promoting comprehensive heart health in Europe?
  2. How can a mental health coach contribute to addressing barriers and challenges associated with holistic heart health in Europe?
  3. How does mental health intersect with cardiovascular health and what are the implications for patient care?
  4. How can general interventions encourage positive behavioural changes that support mental health and mental well-being?

Claudia believes that viewing heart health holistically should be a key priority in cardiac care, where looking beyond the traditional risk factors of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels becomes the standard approach. Claudia also highlights how mindfulness techniques not only improve mental health but can also improve cardiovascular health.1

Watch the full interview with Claudia to see how a holistic approach to cardiovascular healthcare, which encompasses the expertise of psychologists, can help improve heart health across Europe.

About Claudia: Claudia Garbrecht is a specialist in holistic health, merging her expertise as a psychologist specialising in health and organisational psychology, with her role as a fitness trainer. Apart from public speaking, Claudia supports organisations and individuals to make health, well-being, and talent a top priority by providing tailored workshops, coaching, and consulting sessions centred on health promotion and talent development.

Claudia can be found on LinkedIn, here:


Levine, GN., et al. Psychological health, well-being, and the mind-heart-body connection: A scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2021. 143;(10): e763–e783.

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